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Conversations, Actions and Results

April 16, 2014

“The conversations we have

drive the actions we take

that lead to the results we achieve.”

-Dr. John Bennett

I have found that this quote perfectly sums up why my clients work with me…they are ready for things to be different, to feel different. They are ready to start down a path of accomplishing a goal, having a BREAKOUT year, or finally taking control of their days (and their email) in a way they haven’t tried before. In reality this quote drives home the point as to why anyone decides to work with a professional to help themselves improve, whether that is with a business coach, personal trainer or therapist. For the most part my clients know what they need to do but sometimes they need direction and expertise and almost always…a push on the execution phase.

Second quarter is upon us…first quarter of 2014 is done and gone. You can’t get it back and you can’t have a do over. So how is your year shaping up? I encourage you to take a moment (especially since tax day is behind us) and think about what you want to accomplish this quarter. Using the periodization model, each quarter – or 12 week period – is treated like a year itself. So if 2014 actually ended on June 30, what will you do differently, what would you push into overdrive, what would become a priority that is not?

Let’s make second quarter the best it can be…especially before beach vacations, tee times and the pool start competing for your attention.

You can do it! And if it is time for you to make more money and find more time…let me know.

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