Snow Day…Productive?

February 11, 2014

Can a snow day be productive?  Well that depends on who you ask and their perception.  Yesterday, I was struck by the difference – yet truths – in my clients’ reaction to the impending snow day.

[For those of you not in Charlotte (or you don’t know what it is like to live in the south when snow is on the way)…well it is a big deal…a few flurries send us scrambling for cover, after we pack the grocery store for milk and bread.]

So is a snow day an opportunity to be productive or a time waster?   Below are their reactions but notice I said their reaction to an impending snow day not how they will actually spend a snow day…

–My first client felt it was a time waster if she couldn’t get into the office because we never get that much snow (much ‘ado about nothing).

–My second client believed the timing of it couldn’t be worse (consider she is in banking and she loses a day next week due to President’s day since the banks are closed).

–My third client was excited…she knew she would have one or maybe two uninterrupted work days in the office…hopefully alone…which she needs to work on some new productivity practices we put into place.  (She is a very good student!)

–My fourth client knew her workload provided a breather this week so she looked forward to snuggling on the couch with her teenage daughter watching a romantic comedy.

Four different clients, four different reactions.  The fact that this particular Monday was full of all female clients was rare…a random scheduling fluke.  Some focused on what the day would bring (uninterrupted work time or mom-daughter bonding time) and others on what the day would cost them (time).  If you judge them by their responses then you missed the point.  No response is right or wrong, better or worse…it just shows where they are in this moment.  Sometimes you have to define “your productivity” based on the moment you are in and know tomorrow or the next day, your mindset may shift and bring a new “productive” focus.  For me…normally the call for a snow day sends stress to our house…negotiations with my husband on the schedule, calling in childcare reinforcement (if they can drive to get to us) and a look ahead to see how we will make up the missed work and appointments.  But when the snow day hits and I’ve snuck in a little work, there will be nothing more to do than get productive with sledding, snowman building and lots of laughter.  After all, in that moment building a memory with my kids will be the best use of my time!

Here’s to your “productive” snow day(s).  (Lord help me, I can only take one day of no school).  🙂


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