Guest Blog Post: Mobile & Social Recruiting

October 24, 2011

Every blue moon or so I post a guest bloggers thoughts on this blog…this one is interesting as Kyle Lagunas looks at the difference of mobile and social recruiting.  It is more tactical in nature than I share in this space which is why I find it interesting. Remember that the act of recruiting talent is the first important step in the employee engagement experience.

Recruiters have always been quick on the uptake when it comes to new and innovative technology, especially if this technology makes it easier to stay connected. Lately, there’s a lot of buzz surrounding social recruiting and mobile recruiting – and many recruiters are blinldy jumping on the bandwagon. But what’s just buzz, and what will become a permanent part of every recruiter’s toolbox?

Mobile Recruiting, Mobile Recruiting & Social Recruiting

What, exactly, are mobile and social recruiting?

Mobile recruiting can be used to describe two things:

  • Tools and best practices for managing the recruiting process on the go
  • Recruiting strategies that leverage SMS, QR code and mobile technology

 –Social recruiting refers to strategies leveraging social media outlets for recruiting talent.

  • Some argue that it’s  reinventing the wheel, but I’d say it’s taking the wheel and bringing it out of the Stone Age.

 Mobile Recruiting: Apps and More

Mobile recruiting allows recruiters to do what they do best: stay connected. How? Apps. There are a few recruiting apps that I really like:

  • JobScience puts the functionality of an applicant tracking system in recruiters’ pockets.
  • InstantCustomer is a handy gadget for business card and contact management.
  • GlobalRecruitingRoundtable gives users access to top industry news and trends, and allows them to plug in to a community of experts.
  • JobSpeek adds a new dimension to job postings: audio.

Mobile SMS and QR code recruiting is getting some serious attention. However, recruiting leader and sourcing consultant GeoffPeterson says, “The technology’s not 100% there.”

Social Recruiting: Plan for Your Slice of the Pie

Recruiting has always been social, but social media has opened a new can of worms. And if you want a piece of the social recruiting pie, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • You need a strategy. You may have a Twitter account, but that doesn’t mean you have a social recruiting strategy.
  • Don’t bombard, engage. Anyone can post “an exciting opportunity” on LinkedIn. If that’s all your using your social media accounts for, however, you’re going to lose your audience fast.
  • Keep the social in social media. You can get all the Facebook fans and Twitter followers you want, but unless you’re engaging your network, they’re just numbers.

About the Author: Kyle is the HR Analyst at Software Advice. He blogs about trends, technology and best practices in HR and recruiting by day, and drinks entirely too much wine by night.


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