Talent Movement

February 1, 2011

February 1, 2011: Recently I received one of my weekly updates from LinkedIn with the following subject line – “Stacey B. 73 of your connections changed jobs in 2010.” By design I don’t have hundreds and hundreds of connection on LinkedIn but those 73 people who changed jobs make up close to 1/4 of my total connections.

For pretty much all of 2010 we have been hearing from HR experts and numerous surveys that people will be looking more seriously at changing jobs when the recovery begins.  Well I guess that time has arrived.  The economist say the recovery has begun and it looks like a number of my connections agree. 

Whether they are overwhelmed, burned out, tired of low morale or just can’t take it anymore people are starting to look around for different, better or just a new opportunity.  More movement is on the horizon as well.  I believe there are many more that haven’t left yet but are probably thinking about it, very seriously.  This has huge implications for companies, especially if the company is projecting its own recovery.

Retention of talent has never been more crucial than it is now so make 2011 the year you focus on employee engagement…whatever that means for your particular organization.    Once size does not fit all but all companies need to be focused on keeping their talent and keeping their talent engaged and productive.   


**SBR Consulting has a new research study launching!  As of today the Millennial Generation and the Recession survey (Phase Two) is live.  We encourage all Millennials (Gen Y; under 30) to take the short and confidential 10-minute online survey.  You have until midnight at March 1.    Please share the link with your friends around the US and encourge them to take the survey as well!   Click here to go directly to the survey

Survey Background:  The last few years have been interesting to say the least.  The Millennial Generation (Gen Y) has graduated or worked through one of the toughest economic periods in recent decades.  Our study aims to determine how this generation feels about working in corporate America, future employment decisions, what’s important about work and their future.  Much has been said about this generation in the past five to 10 years but has the recession and slow recovery changed their thoughts, perceptions and behaviors in regard to work?


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