Back in the Day and Who You Gonna Call?

August 9, 2010

Generational Moments Continued…Happy Reading!

This is a generational moment brought to you by Jarvis Holliday, blogger of Grown People Talking.

“I work often with youth, usually in mentoring, tutoring, or camp leader type roles. Most of the kids I work with are teenage males, and when I’m giving them advice on something I usually give examples of experiences that occurred when I was their age. My hope is that I can relay to them how I handled a certain situation the right way or how I learned from my mistakes. One day one of the kids, a 17-year-old, responded to my advice by saying, ‘Mr. Holliday, that’s how y’all did it back in the day. It doesn’t work like that now.’ I was shocked as I came to the realization that at age 29, my day was now back in the day, the way I used to view my parents’ early years.”

Who You Gonna Call?  [From Stacey B. Randall]

I walked into the CFOs office just as he was getting off the phone.  He was frustrated, which is not the way you want your CFO to feel as you start a meeting.  As I sat down he turned to me and said, “When you were in college – if your laptop broke what would you do?” 

I answered, kind of puzzled at the question, “Find a computer nerd on my hall to help or call the campus IT folks.  Why?”

“My daughter just called my wife who in turn called me to explain that her laptop wasn’t working and wanted to know what to do or if we can fix it.” 

Looking at me he continued, “Your generation [Xers], people your age, would have taken the initiative to fix it themselves or find someone local who would.  It’s frustrating that my daughter’s first reaction is to call mom and dad.” 

 To all parents of Millennials…does this sound familiar?  Would you hire your kid?

~ Check back next Monday for more generational moments.


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