Recruiting Trends: An Interview (Guest Blog Post from GURconnect.com)

December 21, 2009

In my third guest post at www.gurconnect.com I interviewed Stephanie Polon, National Director of College Recruiting for BDO Seidman, LLP.  Please feel free to visit the GURconnect blog and as always post comments.   My guest blogging continues through February so you can find me there and I will continue to update this blog with those posts as well.   

Below is just the beginning of the interview with Stephanie.  To read the entire post please go to www.gurconnect.com.  The post is dated today – December 21, 2009.  

Recruiting Trends: An Interview with Stephanie Polon, BDO Siedman National Director of College Recruiting

I sat down last week with Stephanie Polon, who has been recently promoted to national director of campus recruiting for BDO Seidman, to discuss how this recruiting season was different from years past. BDO Seidman is the fifth-largest international accounting firm and, as you can imagine, places a strong focus on college recruiting. Below is an excerpt from our conversation.

Stacey B. Randall: You have been a college recruiter for four years. How was the 2009 recruiting season different from previous years?

Stephanie Polon: From the students’ perspective, it is more competitive and students are accepting more interviews in hopes of increasing their chances to land a job. The students are also more nervous, understandably so, and it is making them open to different opportunities. For example, a finance major may consider changing gears to accounting to widen their net for landing a job as we are still hiring.

From a university’s perspective, specifically career services, they are dealing with more students seeking their assistance but less staff. Recent budget cuts have led to a reduced staff but the workload hasn’t lightened. They are doing more with less.

From a college recruiter’s perspective…

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