Recruiting Millennials

December 2, 2009

I was asked by the great folks at Global University Recruiting – www.gurconnect.com – to be a guest blogger for four months as they launch their new blog.  You can find me there through February (2010).  Please feel free to visit and as always post comments.   I will continue to update this blog with the posts from the GURconnect blog as well as others. 

Below is a partial post from the two-part post I did prior to Thanksgiving.  To check out both posts please go to www.gurconnect.com and scroll for my post on Nov. 17 (Part One) and Nov. 19 (Part Two) or follow this link to take you directly there… http://www.gurconnect.com/?paged=2

How the Recession is Impacting the Millennial Generation – Part 2 (from www.gurconnect.com)

To follow up with my previous post I want to share some thoughts to consider when recruiting Millennials.

The way the majority of companies have handled layoffs has done a disservice to Corporate America in general. Unfortunately ‘cutting with kindness’ is not in too many companies’ repertoire. To understand the trend that is emerging you have to step out of the mentality that “it’s not personal, it’s just business.” It is personal to this generation. The expectations of how they would be taken care of and what they could expect from a company are eroding. Except for those Millennials who graduated right after 9-11, job offers were plentiful and Millennial felt they could take job security for granted. But the tables have turned.

Millennials, whether personally laid off or not, are watching the impact of the recession on their older siblings, college friends, and those they work with and they are hearing the message of loyalty loud and clear. They also see in the news about how folks over 45 years old are struggling at a greater rate to find work and in some cases it is validated as they watch their own parents or relatives struggle to find a job. Their trust in companies is starting to become shaky and that includes those even before they have graduated… 

To continue reading (and read Part One) click here – http://www.gurconnect.com/?paged=2.


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