A Little Late to the Dance

March 24, 2009

Though I may be knee deep in the work I do I am a little late to the blogging dance.

For years I have been intriqued by the different generations working side-by-side in the workplace and how company leadership deals with the differences in communication styles, values and the fustration that sometimes follows.

And now as a new mom I have even more passion to help companies ‘off-ramp’ and ‘on-ramp’ talented employees who decide to take a break. In her book, “Off-Ramps and On-Ramps”, Sylvia Ann Hewlett provides a shocking statistic… “93% of women who off-ramp want to go back to work, but only 40% of these women succeed in finding mainstream jobs.” That is a ridiculous loss of talent!

Though Baby Boomers may not be retiring in the large droves that was predicted a few years ago (due to the beating their 401Ks are taking), we will need more talent in the coming years. When the economy does turn around companies will need to be prepared to capitalize on growth strategies and to be successfully a company must have the right talent.

Employee attraction and retention should still be a main focus of company leadership and there is no better way to know what your employees want then to ask. When is the last time you reviewed your policies, practices, procedures and culture? Interested? Visit http://www.sbrconsult.com. (Site goes live March 30, 2009.)


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